VBT Software expands its services with Raynet 

VBT Software expands its services with Raynet 

VBT Software expands its services with Raynet 

VBT Software expands its services with Raynet

Raynet, global software vendor and managed service provider with market-leading Enterprise Software Management solutions, and VBT Software Inc, Türkiye’s leading IT services company, are expanding their strategic partnership. With Raynet’s future-oriented technologies, VBT helps customers better use and manage IT resources to reduce costs and increase revenue.

With its broad portfolio of superior services and solutions, and close partnerships with R&D firms in Türkiye, VBT helps customers optimize and enhance their IT to better compete in the global market. With VBT’s services and solutions, customers become more agile, establish and improve digital processes, and gain insight into IT infrastructures to manage costs and increase revenue.

“VBT’s strong experience in IT services combined with Raynet's internationally recognized solutions in areas such as Technology Asset Inventory, Enterprise Software Packaging, and Unified Endpoint Management will strengthen our position as one of the leading service providers in helping customers realize major digital transformation projects,” explains Birol Basaran, CEO at VBT.

IT Visibility – Manage costs and plan for the future

Ensuring a safe, secure, and easy digital transformation journey means knowing what software is in your portfolio and how it is deployed. Otherwise, you risk security gaps, bottlenecks, uncontrolled costs, and loss of revenue.

With Raynet and VBT, enterprises and organizations achieve full visibility of their IT landscapes, uncovering software vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, End of Life & End of Support information. Armed with these insights, companies can understand whether problems can be solved with version updates or if they require entirely new software and hardware, so they can better plan and manage the costs of digitalization.

“Our aim is to multiply our customer base through our business partners in the next few years and to serve as a hub from Istanbul to MENA countries and Eastern Europe. Our physical presence in Türkiye is the expression of our firm belief in the Turkish software community and universities in developing new solutions that will revolutionize the field of Application Lifecycle Management,” says Ragip Aydin, CEO at Raynet.

About VBT

Positioning as a trusted advisor, VBT is a publicly traded company on Borsa Istanbul (BIST) with more than 300 employees.
Through the offices located in Türkiye, England, and Switzerland, VBT provides expertise and services in all mainframe technologies, open systems, and software development horizontally across all industries with the vision of being the highest-quality, most reliable system integrator and service provider.
Ranking among the top 100 IT companies of Türkiye, VBT serves top 5 of the largest 10 companies in Türkiye and enables its customers to stay ahead of the competition and creates the highest level of customer satisfaction.

About Raynet

As a global software vendor with market-leading solutions and complementary managed services, we make successful end-to-end management of IT projects and operations possible.

In addition to the headquarters in Paderborn, Raynet has further locations in Germany, the USA, Poland, Turkey, and the UK. With more than 100 highly qualified employees, Raynet has been supporting well-known customers and partners worldwide in their projects with its portfolio since 1999 – from Technology Asset Inventory and Software Asset Management to Software Packaging and Workflow Management to Unified Endpoint Management.

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