Municipal Applications

VBT APPCITY is a citizen-oriented integrated management system where local administration processes can be managed securely, simply and flexibly through a modular structure. A Municipality can run all its applications through APPCITY.

Subscriber Information Management System - Water

VBT APP-UTILITY is a subscriber management system that includes capabilities such as result-oriented turnkey subscriber works, meter works, field processes with the professional solutions it offers in managing your water-based subscriber management system processes. A Metropolitan Municipality institution that distributes water can carry out all its business with VBT APP-UTILITY / WATER.

Subscriber Information Management System - Natural Gas

VBT APP-Utility is a subscriber management system that includes the professional solutions it offers to manage your subscriber management system processes in the natural gas sector, as well as the result-oriented turnkey subscription works, meter works, field processes. Any institution that distributes natural gas can perform all their operations with VBT APP-UTILITY / NATURAL GAS.