Information Processing Platforms have left nearly 30 years behind in our country. Meanwhile, technology has continued to evolve. Some softwares that were written in the past and needed are no longer able to meet the needs. Or even if it meets the need, it is getting harder and harder to find an expert in this field.

For these reasons, companies change and renew their technological infrastructures. In this context, VBT is ready to work side by side with you in all kinds of modernization projects with its command of all platforms and technical skills.

For example, VBT has carried the technological infrastructure in OS / 390, CICS, DB2, NATURAL, COBOL environment on IBM Mainframe in Saudi Arabian Naval Forces to z / Linux, WebSphere, JAVA and UDB on IBM Mainframe.

Within the scope of this project, the entire operating system, application servers, conversion of programs from COBOL / NATURAL to JAVA and data migration were carried out by VBT experts.

VBT also took part in the process of transforming the application development environment in the VAGEN (Visual Age Generator) infrastructure to IBM RATIONAL Developer for System Z / EGL structure at Halkbank and supported the client within the scope of this project.

We can migrate all your applications currently running on a particular platform or part of your applications to new technologies such as JAVA or .NET. We have specific expertise in importing from software languages such as NATURAL and COBOL to JAVA.

Again, we can move your applications on AS / 400 platforms to JAVA environments.