Gong rang for VBT Software in Borsa Istanbul

VBT Software, which is the '100th Biggest IT' company in Turkey's top 500 IT companies ranking, started to be traded with the code VBTYZ after the Gong ceremony held in Borsa Istanbul.

Gong rang for VBT Software in Borsa Istanbul

Gong rang at İstanbul Stock Exchange for VBT Software Inc which has been providing value-added solutions in the fields of information technologies, informatics, software, training and consultancy to Turkey's leading public institutions and private sector companies since 1993. Following the public offering gong ceremony held on July 12, 2021 with the participation of Istanbul Stock Exchange General Manager Korkmaz Ergun, VBT Software Chairman of the Board Birol Başaran, VBT Software General Manager Tayfun Yurdagül, VBT Software senior management, Metro Investment and A1 Capital senior management and representatives from the business world. Software shares started to be traded on Istanbul Main Market with the code VBTYZ. 8 million TL nominal value shares of VBT Software Inc.; It was offered to the public on July 5-6, 2021 with the intense interest of investors under the co-leadership of Metro Investment and A1 Capital.

Istanbul Stock Exchange General Manager Korkmaz Ergun: “Where and how the proceeds from the public offering are used is important.”

Making the opening speech at the public offering ceremony of VBT Software, İstanbul Stock Exchange Inc. General Manager Korkmaz Ergun said the following regarding the public offering of VBT Software: “VBT Software has successfully made a public offering with a public amount of 100 million TL and sales to 49 thousand investors. The fact that a significant portion of the public offering income will be used in the development of R&D activities and growth strategy increases the importance of this successful public offering. As you know, public offerings are a very important source of financing. However, there is a more important issue than this, which is where and how the income obtained from the public offering, which is a source of financing, is used. In this respect, VBT Software is a good example. Our distinguished company, which offers corporate solutions in areas such as technology, informatics and software, which are of great importance in the development of our country, is now a national value of our people and our country. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to VBT Software for this successful public offering. I wish the best for our Capital Market.”

“We want to power the technology sector ”

Birol Başaran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VBT Software, in his speech at the opening of the gong ceremony, He said that the public offering is a big, important and historical step for VBT Software. Stating that as VBT Software, they aim to represent the technology sector well in Borsa Istanbul by realizing a successful performance, Başaran emphasized that they want to open up space and give strength to new technology companies that will come to the capital markets. Noting that Turkey and Borsa Istanbul need more technology companies to achieve the growth and development they aim for, Başaran underlined that the IT and software industry will be one of the main sectors that will bring foreign currency to Turkey with the exports to be realized in the future. Başaran said, “As VBT Software, we aim to contribute to the export target of the software industry very seriously by playing a pioneering role with our overseas expansions.”

Emphasizing that they had a very successful public offering process, Başaran said, "I am especially grateful to İstanbul Stock Exchange and Capital Markets Board (CMB) managers and experts, who have guided and supported them in this process, to the management of Metro Yatırım and A1 Capital, who are with them every step of the way, and to their professionals and the company. We sincerely thank the audit experts and VBT staff who supported the audits.”

“We will carry VBT Software further with the power we get from investors ”

In his speech at the gong ceremony, VBT Software General Manager Tayfun Yurdagül reminded that there has been an intense public offering process since the beginning of the year, and said that the investors' interest in VBT Software made them very happy. Emphasizing that they will work harder to develop their activities and make new investments with the power they receive from the investors with the public offering, Yurdagül said, "From now on, we will carry our company even further with the strength given to us by our esteemed investors." Emphasizing that the income from the public offering will be used in the organic and inorganic growth of the company, Yurdagül said, “We will primarily use some of the income from the public offering in the acquisition or partnership of one or more companies in the software industry. With the other part, we are planning to establish a new R&D center to improve our R&D activities and to open new offices in Turkey and abroad in addition to our offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and London. We continue to work to open offices abroad, especially in the big cities where there are universities in the country, and especially in Europe, the USA and the Middle East.”

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